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Fishing with Corn
By Jeff Vaughan

Canadian Carp ClubI am normally not a big corn user. I do use the Giant corn a bit, but am mainly a Boilie man as it seems to pick out the bigger fish. However I have had my young nephew out her with me for a few weeks and have been teaching him to carp fish. As corn tends to get more action I have been using this mostly on his rod.

A great tip for you is to use a bait drill to drill a hole in the corn before using the baiting needle to put it on the hair. Drilling the corn rather than pushing a needle through it keeps it on the hook far longer as it does not crack like normal.

Just using a baiting needle I am lucky to catch 3 or 4 carp before having to re bait. With the drill I can usually fish all day with the same bait. I do of course also use plastic corn as well, normally 3 pcs real with one plastic or 2 and 2.

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