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U.K. Blind Adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber Comes to the Long Sault
By Lawrence Euteneier
The 3rd and final leg of my fishing adventure with Mile’s Hilton-Barber involved fishing for Carp on a section of the St. Lawrence River that is now known as St. Lawrence Lake. Miles contacted me through my website ( www.blindfishingboat.com ) to set up a Blind Canadian fishing adventure, and what adventure wouldn’t be complete without a session of monster Carp fishing on the St. Lawrence Lake.

Introducing the Family to Carp Fishing
I thought what better way for my Dear Wife (DW) to develop an appreciation for fishing for monster Carp than to have her catch a few herself. To this end, I arranged for us to go camping for the weekend along the shore of the St. Lawrence. I reserved a camp site that provided direct access to the River, and with the assistance of some local outfitters, had the waters in front of the site chummed with soaked corn for several days prior to our arrival.

Benson (1984 – July 2009) was "Britain's biggest and best-loved" common carp. Benson's popularity was such that she was caught 63 times in 13 years, although the accessibility that made her popular was also the cause of controversy among angling’s elite. She has also been referred to as "the people's fish" and was voted by readers of Angler's Mail as Britain's Favourite Carp in 2005.

The first big catch of April 2008
By Jeff Vaughan
What I love most about being a carp guide is all the detective work to find out where the fish are and try to second guess where they are going to and when they will feed . Colin and I are out driving and walking every morning and every evening and during the afternoon out on the boat checking water temperatures and depth readings etc, and of course putting baits into areas we fancy.

By Jeff Vaughan
I guess we are going to have to accept defeat and tell the full story of Shamu.  Colin first saw the fish quite a few times before I did. After baiting up we always wash out the bait buckets and brush the spilt corn off the boat in the same place, and Colin came back breathless and excited about this huge fish he had seen feeding over this bait. He of course put more bait down and revisited often.


Asian Grass Carp