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Quiver tipping for Carp
By Jeff Vaughan

Canadian Carp ClubSomeone once said to me “you are successful because you don’t know how to do things properly” What I HOPE he meant by this is that I am very experimental and always think about what I want to achieve rather than what everyone else is doing. I do study carp fishing (read the books and mags and watch the dvd’s but this is more so I can understand you buggars rather than because I want to copy what they are doing. Colin will tell you I always have a cunning plan to catch more, bigger or faster.

Sometimes success comes by accident as with my current fad for quiver tipping for the carp.

It all started with one of my customers catching Chub on the old road, and me being a bit of an all rounder deciding to have a little go after them. I have a regular quiver tip rod at the motel, so armed with my mashed bread a small feeder and some corn I went Chub fishing. For the first hour I was catching Chub one a chuck, nothing big but I was enjoying my little self, and then Mr Carp moved in. I was fishing 6 lb line straight through and lasted about 20 seconds with the first one. I had a spool of 15 lb braid in the bag and changing to this I lasted slightly longer with the next two, before giving it up as a bad job.

Next time out I moved to my favourite 2.75 t/c Floodwater barbel rod, regular method mix and never looked back.

I discovered this late in the season and similar to the Ploaris float experience it seems I can winkle out the carp much faster and easier than on the conventional lead, and it is great fun. The average size appears to be the same but it is still early days. The new season will be the true test of this.

In October one of our good friends Dave Wingfield was out and as I know him well enough I sat beside him and poached his swim. He will testify to how successful this method is. In fact the bastard ended up nicking the rod and I was back to spectator duty.

When you sit and watch rod tips at LS (as I spend 100’s of hours doing) you will see loads of knocks and bumps, some ( in fact enough) of these develop into screaming runs, but many don’t. On the tip every one of these is a hittable bite.

As with all fishing at Long Sault, there is little point in coming out here with a conventional tip rod. I am still using 30lb Braid and size 4 hooks (this is ultra light for me) and anything less than a fairly heavy barbel rod will be useless. But I think this method will be a killer in the spring.

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